Spring is coming - we hope!

We are looking forward to warm dry weather as we are ALL eager to get started. Another damp cool Monday in April has us wondering if we will ever be able to kick off our planting season off. The rainy weather has allowed me to take time this evening to give an update on our winter months and also take time to reminisce on what a great team we have.

This past winter has been a very busy one as we put more finishing touches on our new grain system, hauled MANY loads of grain, and worked on equipment.  We spread numerous acres of dry fertilizer as well as completed fall spray applications to prepare our ground for the ’18 growing season. Many facilitates were cleaned and organized and field maintenance was completed as well. Although our winter months kept us busy, we didn’t miss many Friday shop lunches together and several evening were spent playing Euchre. It is always a good feeling when you go to lock up for the night and the shop lights are still on, not because we have asked the crew to stay, but because they genuinely enjoy spending time together—and a competitive game of euchre always turns into more than just one game.

This morning I read an article on how successful organizations have trust. There were many points within the article that I agreed with. As I tried to compare it back to our operation I continued to fall back on one point-- In order to build trust within your organization you have to first care about the people you work with and the job that you are doing. Just like we have spent the winter months preparing our equipment and ground for a successful growing season, Heath and I continue to strive to deliver a fun, safe work environment so that we can continue to nurture positive relationships throughout our team.  There have been countless times since returning back to the farm that I am reminded we are one BIG FARM FAMILY but two distinct moments stand out.

The first was on my wedding day. If farming wasn’t what we loved then boy would we ever have a team of event planners/decorating crew. They spent the week turning the farm into a fairy tale. Talk about feeling the love. The second was this past week when we received some tough news. We are lucky to have two Ward family members part of our Bryant Ag team- Jomi and Griffin. Jomi is our Office Manager and Griff, her son, is our Spray Manager. Jomi’s husband, and Griff’s Dad, Tom was recently diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma.  After the news broke, I believe we had every Bryant Ag team member stopping in asking what they could. The news had affected all of us--their battle became our battle--again, talk about feeling the love.

During planting season, on our best and worst days, we come together as a team. Outside of these shop walls, on our best and worst days, we come together as a farm family. I feel confident that we are entering another season more than prepared because of the members that make up our Bryant Ag crew and because we care about the people that we work with and the job we are doing. As we hopefully begin planting soon, I ask once again, keep our team in your thoughts and prayers that it is a safe season. Give us a wave going down the road or if you see us in the field stop and say hello. Your positive support does not go unnoticed and a friendly hello makes our day.

My Very Best,
Kasey Bamberger