Employee Spotlight: Heath Bryant

Meet the next generation! Our employee spotlight of the day is Heath Bryant. Heath is the oldest of Mikes two sons. Ever since he was a young boy he has been hardworking and had a passion for agriculture. Anyone that knew Heath growing up knew that his love for the family farm would some day lead him back to it. He worked on the farm part time throughout high school and college and then returned full time after he graduated from college. Heaths favorite thing about the farm today is the flexibility to do what he loves while also spending time with his new, young family!

"Some days the kids are with me riding on the tractor, but I'm still at my job, how cool is that." When asked what his goals are for the future of the farm he stated "To continue what the generations before us started and never lose the family values. Knowing that what we work hard to accomplish is helping the entire family and staff is something that drives me everyday."

Thank You Heath for your countless hours of hard work and your selfless acts of kindness! Not only do you lend a helping hand to anyone on our Bryant Ag team but to many people in our community! Your dedication to the farm, hard work, and generosity are more than appreciated!