Employee Spotlight: Mike Bryant

Our employee spotlight of the day is Mike Bryant. Mike is a second generation owner and John Bryant oldest son. Mikes passion for farming started as a young boy. He loved spending time on the family farm and working along side his father in the fields. After high school graduation, Mike began his career at Bryant Agriculture. Mike began to manage employees and field operations. Today, alongside his brother Mark, he continues to make planting, harvesting, and day to day operation decisions. Over the past 35 years Mike has learned that in order for an organization to grow you must never loose passion for what you do, even when times are tough. Mike stated "It is easy to come to work everyday when you love what you do." In his free time Mike enjoys spending time with his wife, kids, and grandkids. He also enjoys traveling to the lake with his family.

Mikes favorite thing about the farm today is Harvest season, the same as it was when he was a young boy. "I love watching all of our teams work pay off. The hours upon hours of hard work that are put in through out the year are shown during the time of harvest. You really do reap what you sow. We plant hard work in hopes to reap success in order for the business to be here for generations to come."

Thank you Mike for helping pave the path of success. Your hard work, dedication, and passion for agriculture and the farm is more than appreciated!!!