Employee Spotlight: Frank Cox

Our employee spotlight of the day today is our Operations Manager Frank Cox! Frank started working at Bryant Ag Enterprise in 1997. After spending 4 years in the U.S. Army, Frank knew that he wanted a career that offered change and gave him the ability to work outdoors. He saw agriculture as a way to fulfill both of these wishes. Frank started as an operator at Bryant Ag but showed great leadership skills! As the operation began to grow so did Franks knowledge and passion for farming. When asked what he most enjoys about his job he stated that he still enjoys the ability to work outdoors and in an ever changing environment but his favorite part of his job today is challenging the crew to be the best they can be and them in return challenging him to be the best operations manager he can be. Frank enjoys cooking, traveling, spending time with his grandkids, and fishing in his off time! Thank you Frank for your countless hours of hard work that you have brought to this operation! We are forever grateful as a staff for your leadership, patience, dedication, knowledge, and great food!!!!!