Employee Spotlight: Mark Bryant

Mark is the youngest of John's children. During Mark's high school years he knew he had a passion for agriculture and business. He began working on the farm in 1983 and after high school graduation he chose agriculture as his career path. After six year of working on the farm, Mark left to work as a Manager for a farm in Kentucky raising tomatoes. He saw this as an opportunity to learn new management tools and techniques. He returned to the farm in 1991 and took over the finance/marketing portion of the organization. Over the past 30 years Mark has learned that adapting to constant change is a vital part to business. Mark is married to Kim Bryant and they have four daughters. He enjoys fishing, golfing, coaching basketball, traveling with his wife, but says nothing beats a day with his family.

When asked what he most enjoys about the farm today he answered "I do what I love! Even after 30 years I get to come to work every day challenged. The challenge of thinking outside the box, the challenge of planning for the future, in hopes that one day my children's children can enjoy the family business. But most of all I love getting to provide for my family while giving my employees an opportunity to provide for theirs."

Thank you Mark for leading and believing in our Bryant Ag team. Thank you for always lending a helping hand or listening ears, and inspiring all of us to learn more, do more, dream more, and become more.